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Free Children’s Picture Book = Happy Tiny Humans

Free this week Feb. 1st – 5th I give to you an absolutely absurd book. Absurd? Yes, the silliness abounds in this tale of toes who are people…with personalities…and smells. Smells? Yes smells. Do Your Toes Stink Good? Public Service… Continue Reading →

A Subjective Review – The Art of Receiving

It’s going to happen. You’re going to get book reviews that sting. Some things to consider when you get reviews that have critical content: Often they will conflict with other reviewers opinions. Why? Because art is subjective. It’s important to respect… Continue Reading →

An Interview In Which I Give Absurd Answers – Sorry…Ok I’m Not

Note: Photo is the screen capture from my latest vlog. It was equally as absurd as my video. Original interview posting can be found here: Amanda Romine Lynch interviewed me and here’s how it went down. Today I got to do… Continue Reading →

How to sell a book – Bad advice – And what waiting for a review is like

I’m Beth. I wrote a book. The after part is harder. I make no excuses for this. It is what it is:) Introverts unite…from our living rooms, wrapped in sheets, and by social media.

What am I doing? – Rambling ridiculously

My YA Fantasy Book – The Ridiculous Explanation – Sorry…not sorry

My Attempt at Video Blogging – No Throwing Fruit at the Screen!

Holding Your Book In Your Hands

The hard work and hours of formatting, the frustration after several uploads and it still didn’t look ‘just’ right. But you sat there anyway. You kept tinkering. You kept adjusting. Then, finally, it looked right. You clapped like a seal…. Continue Reading →

Do Your Toes Stink Good? – Toes are people too!  Ok, folks with little ones, or even those who just like silly children’s books:D My first published book went live this week. It’s free for this Monday-Friday only. I will be posting a blog on the process of publishing… Continue Reading →

When To Use A Two-Syllable No…

Sometimes you have to say no. ‘No’ is a simple one-syllable word. You can change tone and inflection to make your no sound less or more harsh. You can add words around the ‘no’ to strengthen or soften the blow…. Continue Reading →

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