When I met Sabrina a couple of years ago we were still working on our manuscripts. I was refining the dreaded query letter after the umpteenth rejection for my YA fantasy novel The Sound of the Stones. I needed another pair of eyes and hers were willing. We traded chapters and quickly found that we got along. Her keen eye, sweet disposition, and good sense of humor won me over. More over, her manuscript for the now released The Curse of the Bruel Coven was a delight to beta read. We became more than writers trading chapters. We became close friends trading stories and hardships of day-to-day life. I can’t think of a week that’s gone by since then that I didn’t think to myself, “I need to tell Sabrina…”.

The proverbial needle sounded its long, deafening scratch over the record of life a few weeks back. She dropped the bomb on me that her husband had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. I wanted to crawl through the computer to hug her. My words were not sufficient to convey my utter despair for her situation. They are young and have three small children. They are in the prime of their lives! This isn’t fair! Ah, but it never is.

Her husband is a hard worker in the HVAC business. Sabrina’s main focus was always taking care of the home and children. Her book has been well received but as many of us know, unless you’re a known author, a first book doesn’t sell well. She’s working on the second even as she sits by her husband’s side during the long chemo treatments. I’ve been amazed at how she can always see the bright side.

All this to say, they are swimming in medical bills now. I’ve started a go fund me for her so they can pay the premium on their health care and her husband can continue the long journey of fight and recovery from cancer. You can read more of the story here:


If you could share this story I would be ever grateful. No matter the darkness, light is there, waiting for you to fix your eyes and move forward. Let us never give up hope. Let us always fight the good fight. Let us lean on our brothers and sisters in times of need. And lastly, let us reach a calming hand to clasp the hand in need of light.