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Blind Sight 2


Blind Sight tells the tale of an outcast, a cursed man, magic, and redemption:

She was born blind in one eye rendering it the color of ice. This was made worse by the fact that it was her left eye. Tradition told that the left eye guides the path of righteousness as it sits just above the heart. This one small birth defect marked her as undesirable. She would not lead a righteous path or so they told her mother.

“You can’t wear that Emaline,” Her mother chastised but softened the blow with a warm smile. Emaline stood defiantly, crossing her arms over a brown tattered homespun shirt which was half tucked into darker brown homespun pants.

“It doesn’t matter what I wear mother. No one looks below my eyes.” Emaline leveled here dichromatic eyes at her mother just in case she needed a reminder. One eye was a deep chestnut brown, the other the color of ice over deep waters. Her mother’s smile fell and Emaline could swear that smile hit the floor, shattering into a thousand pieces as she most likely recalled the memory of her birth. What Emaline couldn’t see with her left eye, she made up for by sensing in other ways. It was like the blindness opened a door to deeper sensations. She could smell fear, hear emotion, and predict motion in the form of heat waves. This was never strange for her per say, but she figured out as a young child this was not entirely normal. Fitting that she would be odd in more ways than just different colored eyes.

Let me take you on an adventure! – Beth Hammond