My illustrated children’s book Puppy Waits was modeled after my own son’s beloved stuffed puppy. He took it everywhere. Heaven forbid we ever misplaced him. Let me share this sweet tale of a puppy who pretends he is his owner. What are you waiting for? It’s free 2/16-2/17 grab a copy now:)

Puppy waits front cover paws


“Puppy Waits” is a heart warming and silly tale about a beloved pet dog.

“While you’re out do you imagine puppy waits for you in the window? Perhaps his nose presses against the glass, leaving wet streaks. He fogs the window while he pants. Maybe his tail is poised and ready to wag as soon as you walk through the door. But what if I told you puppy does other things while you’re away? Puppy pretends he’s you!”

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