Lorraine meme

Fellow writer and friend Lorraine Johnston said, “None of know more, than all of us together.” She said these words in her cheeky Scottish burr. Most things said with a Scottish accent sound more poignant, but this quote in particular struck home with me.

As a writer I often close myself in, sitting behind my computer with coffee close at hand. It can get lonely at times. I stumbled across a group of writers a couple of years back. Our paths crossed from time to time in various online writing groups. About a year ago “The Phoenix Quill” Facebook group was created by John Ryers. He was a friend so I joined. So too did many of the writers I followed and conversed with about the ins and outs of the writing, publishing, and marketing process.

Simply put, the group changed me. It gave me a place to open up and ask questions without judgment. It isn’t always about the writing. Sometimes it’s about blowing off steam and laughing at ourselves for procrastination. Other times it’s about fangirling/boying over the latest awesome show/movie/book/music.

But this is where Lorraine’s quote rung true, in all of my research and experience over these last few years in the writing game, I’ve learned more each day from the members of TPQ than I ever did on my own. I am grateful for their insight.

This is my heartfelt thank you to my brothers and sister of TPQ. Lorraine was right and I know more because of you. I know more because you share your knowledge and experiences with me. I look forward to the journey and sharing my insight with you as well. Did you hear the TPQ alma mater playing in the background? If you did, you are quite possibly crazy enough to come join us.

small profile picBeth Hammond, is an author/illustrator who writes anything from YA fantasy to children’s picture books. She is a wife, mother, and lover of life. Her early years were spent serving in the military. Her middle years spent raising babies and figuring out her place in the world. She created stories for her book loving children and recently released “Do Your Toes Stink Good?”, “The Blond Korean and the Blue-Eyed frog”, and “Puppy Waits”. Her YA fantasy novel “The Sound Of The Stones” will be released September of 2015 through eLectio publishing. Her later years are yet to come, and filled with hopes and endless dreams. She spends her days creating worlds through words and illustration. You can find her on: