A friend was asking about one of the many social media sites this morning and I thought it might be interesting to see how we all do “the social media” thing. *Cue theatrical trailer music* These are the things I use and how I use them:


WordPress: I purchased my domain name and run it as a website with a landing page. I have several links for pages on the landing page: Published work and links to where they’re sold, other media sites I’m on and links to them i.e. Goodreads, Amazon Author, Twitter… I do blog occasionally but don’t use my WordPress as only a blog. (Well I’m obviously blogging right now, but you know what I mean. Don’t judge me!)


Facebook Author Page: I don’t share everyday there. I post updates on things I’m working on or big news I have. I have my book trailer pinned to the top of the page mainly for my viewing pleasure. I say that because the trailer has been watched a handful of times and I’m probably the one who viewed it. I also have a ‘shop now‘ button in the banner that links to my Amazon Author page. I have an email sign up link on the side panel that has successfully recruited myself and my friend Sabrina into my email list. Woot! Im livin’ large people. LOOK OUT!


Twitter: I link my website so that people can find me from my glorious life changing tweets. I don’t tweet promotion for myself very often, only when I have a new or free book. Mostly I tweet for fun. An example of things I tweet:


*pounds fit on the table* Show me don’t tell me.

*recoils* But I was just trying to…

*slap, slap* Show!



Google Plus: I have no idea what I’m doing there. I link it to my website and push crap there. *shrugs*


Tumblr: I’m so very, very old. Tumblr hates me. But I don’t care. I push my Instagram posts there and my website blogs (when I blog). When I check Tumblr my eyes catch on fire and I run screaming for my mommy.


Instagram: I use it similarly to twitter. I push some of my things from Instagram to my twitter, but not all things. I’m still new to this as an author platform.


LinkedIn: It feels like a stuffy office party where everyone is showing off there degrees framed crookedly on the wall. But, I link it to my website and slink away to the cool after party.


Pinterest: I have boards with my books and illustrations linked to my website. I also have a board for my favorite books, fan theories, social media tips and tricks, and some other junk I can’t remember because I suck at keeping up my Pinterest profile.

I have a Goodreads author account and an Amazon, I make sure they are linked into my website. I also link my Twitter feed to Amazon.


Youtube: I vlog on occasion. I link those to my website and have uploaded videos to both my Goodreads and Amazon.


I will stress that is took me two years to piddle diddle through the sites and set this all up. I’m no expert. And you certainly don’t need all of this to be connected. I’m obviously a glutton for punishment and forced myself to learn any way I could to connect.


Does anyone else have any tips and tricks on their social media? Have you found unique ways to get connected?