Book cover Blond with hyphen

Why on earth would I write a book about a blond boy and a blue-eyed frog and claim it’s about diversity? How can a boy struggle to fit in when he looks Caucasian? Well, I’ve witnessed it.

There are many books about diversity. There are a myriad of tales depicting children struggling to embrace their uniqueness. All of that is wonderful! I read many of those to my children when they were little. But here’s the thing, I read nothing that addressed my son’s specific predicament.

My husband and I have two children. I’m Caucasian, my husband is half Korean. My daughter looks like him with dark hair and eyes. My son? He looks like me. When he was very small he had bright blond hair and light hazel eyes. He wanted so badly to look like his daddy, that at the age of four, he claimed his hair was black. Vehemently. He did that for an entire year!

I wrote “The Blond Korean and the Blue-Eyed Frog” for those children who want to claim their heritage but struggle to do so because they don’t look the part.

What does it come down to? Belonging is a matter of the heart.