Me and my book both

The hard work and hours of formatting, the frustration after several uploads and it still didn’t look ‘just’ right.

But you sat there anyway.

You kept tinkering.

You kept adjusting.

Then, finally, it looked right. You clapped like a seal. You ran around the house like a chicken. You ordered your proof. You waited for several days, and then it arrived. You peeled back the cardboard to reveal your proof book. Your face looked like a maniacal clown’s.

“It’s here! It’s really here!”

You showed it to your family. Everyone ‘oh’d and ah’d’. Then, your ten year old boy pointed it out. – The accidental double sentence. You deflated, and sank to floor like a balloon. He saw that puppy in .0076 seconds. Ha!

I’m so glad I ordered the proof. The boo boos are fixed now! And ‘Do Your Toes Stink Good?’ is ready for action! My Book> <My Book!!!! Eeeep!