This is a small teaser from my second book in my ‘The Sound of the Stones’ series. It is subject to change as it is raw. I also included an illustration I drew of them:

His head pounded, and a great pressure seared his back and legs. He heard urgent tones in the voices around him. Then a voice, that could only be describe as silver, sent ripples of calm through his body. He felt a shift in weight, and heard a grunt. The sound of a rock rolling to the side, and a feeling of relief in his back and legs mingled into one. He heard more grunts and a few indelicate, silver words mumbled. This continued until his back no longer felt the weight of a thousand men. He blinked. His head thumped with every beat of his heart. He clamped his eyes closed against the pain.

“He blocked the rockslide,” a small voice said.

“I see that,” The silver voice replied.

He felt dextrous fingers prod his body. They lifted one eye lid, then the other. He rolled his eyes back in indignation.

“He will live.” The silver voice sounded indifferent.

Krank grunted in agreement. The silver voice laughed. Images of silk and smoke flitted through his mind. He opened one eye in an attempt to match the voice with a face. Waves of light and color shifted, and he opened the other eye to gain focus. Hair like flames spilled over her shoulders as she crouched over him, her brows furrowed in concentration. Strong lean bones framed eyes black as night. She was tall, he could see that even as she knelt over him.

“I am Rain.” Her voice was water, a cool stream washing over the pain. Her lips moved in slow motion. Her delicate brow raised in question as the edges of his vision turned black. He opened his mouth to speak but the blackness bled steadily, until it removed her face from view. He closed his eyes, giving in to the darkness, but took her image with him into sleep.Krank and Rain finished