Things I learned from July 2014 Camp NanoWriMo:


  • Putting 50K words down on paper in a coherent manner, all pertaining to one project in just 31 days is difficult.
  • My hair likes to be washed.
  • Writing sprints are very useful for reaching a 50k word goal.
  • My husband likes it when I wash my hair.
  • When I do writing sprints, all of my characters nod their heads like idiots and lift a single brow…all the freakin’ time.
  • I like yoga pants, and I hate shaving my legs.
  • I write some great action scenes while waiting for my kids to finish their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class.
  • My husband likes me in yoga pants but he prefers my legs shaved.
  • The first 35K words came easily. The last 15k were a halting struggle filled with: what next, and a burning desire to edit the first 35k.
  • The laundry and dishes never, under any circumstances, do themselves.
  • There is no pause button in life. You must squeeze in the writing whenever you can.
  • I need coffee and I like pie.
  • Hitting the 50k word goal feels amazing!