Krank and Ashra

Ashra stood 5’ 5” looking up into the face of the near 15’ Giant as he approached. Should I run? Yes, if I’m smart I’ll run. No, I cant. I have to stay… I’m not very smart. Her thoughts were swarming. Her deep obligation to her team planted her firm. It wasn’t pride at stake, it was their lives.

Each step he took sent ripples through the ground. He met her eyes with intensity. His eyes were fierce. They were inquisitive, and they were calculating. Krank, it would seem, was not your typical half-wit Giant. Uh oh…She felt small and insignificant next to his massive frame.

She wanted to run but her legs turned to rubber. She took in a breath and it wavered like the ground when Krank walked. She blew it out and managed another breath somewhat less shaky this time. Good…She squared her shoulders in defiance of her quivering body. Krank approached, his eyes never leaving her. His stare felt heavy, like it somehow changed the density of the air around her. His presence cast a dark shadow over her. She blinked. He stared.

She willed her lips to part and forced air through her clenched voice box. “Krank, you are assigned to me. I need your help on a project. If you would follow me please?” She croaked then cleared her throat as if blaming phlegm for the tremble in her voice. Her right arm pointed awkwardly toward the mines. Crap…! She was scared but her fiery eyes never left his as she spoke. Her gesturing arm hung outstretched as if it had its own hopes of pulling her away from this exchange. She turned without giving him a chance to respond and followed her arms advice to walk in the opposite direction from which he stood.

She proceeded on wobbling legs, putting safe distance between her and the intimidating Giant. Maybe he won’t follow… She took quick, bum-puckered steps down the hill resisting the urge to look back. Her knotted bun bounced behind her with each step. Escaped hairs flapped wildly, mimicking her heartbeat. Her nervous attempt to seem in control, while at the same time moving with great urgency, made her neck bob back and forth. Heavy boots sent a spray of dirt and gravel in their wake. She looked like a startled long necked sand bird, running from a loud noise.

A sand bird was a silly creature. When scared, its small head bobbles back and forth on its skinny neck. Long skinny legs work frantically to carry its body away from the danger, while useless wings flap aimlessly to the side in a wild display of ridiculousness.

At the moment, Ashra was a spitting image. If a Giant could smirk, Krank did. He shook his head and scratched his chin. He studied her for a few moments then followed behind her with an easy stride.