It’s day 7 of July Camp NanoWriMo. I was happily plucking along, feeling rather smug about the whole thing. I’m averaging 2400+ words a day for a grand total of 17,384 words toward my 50k word goal. Cool right? Well….

I woke up this morning with doubt plaguing my mind. I did 4 word sprints yesterday. I was generally happy with them as first drafts go. Then I slept on it. Eeeek! Did I move the story in the right direction? Have I made some terrible mistake in the character development of my main protagonist?

I laid in bed this morning and chewed on my lip. Then I looked at the laundry piling up on my floor. Then I walked down stairs and saw the dishes in the sink. I remembered the looks my family gave me when I gathered my lap top and headed for the stairs to do yet another word sprint (locked away in my room). 

“Damn NanoWriMo!” They chanted. They held chicken fingers in their tiny hands and shook them at me like poultry swords. 

Breath Beth….slow down. Do the laundry for heaven’s sake! You’re wearing that stupid shirt again. And your yoga pants may very well disintegrate if you don’t peel them from your hairy legs and cleanse them!

This my friends, is slow down day. I will wash my self, my laundry, and my dishes. I will tend to my family and remind them they are number one. I will call this ‘crash and burn day’. I will use it to mend my doubtful mind.

Then… tomorrow I will pick myself up and write some more!