Yesterday was day two of Camp NanoWriMo. I have a very active cabin. They are chatty, funny, and supportive. The age range is 13 years to 49 years. I was thinking of calling us ‘Bridging the Gap’, or perhaps ‘The Young and the Fogies’.

 I did a word sprint last night with them. Our 13 year old broke the 1000 word barrier she couldn’t get past. We were all so proud. She posted her best and worst sentences from the sprint, and they were actually both very good.

 I also participated in two other word sprints yesterday brining my total 2-day word count to 5,695 words. I’ll be honest, by the end of the day, my brain synapses meandered though my body looking for my hands (which hovered over the key board in stunned bewilderment). I misspelled words like it, and, and the.

 I never thought scenes could poor forth from my brain, to my hands with such fervor. Don’t get me wrong. At the end of each sprint my page was full of green and red squiggle lines. My page looked like a veritable Christmas tree. At one point I couldn’t think of the word encouraged and in place used the word influenced. It made the sentence goofy. But I knew what I meant, and in the edits (The many-many, necessary edits) it will be fixed.

 Let us see what day 3 brings! Go-go-go! Write-write-write!