Day one of CampNanoWrimo (July):

Ok, so yesterday was the first day, of my first ever CampNano experience. Whoot! I’m working on my second novel, a sequel to the first ‘Sound of the Stones’. I set my goal for 50k words in 31 days. That averages out to about 1600 words a day give or take. That’s doable right? Yes!

Yesterday I reached 4329 words. Granted my brain feels all fuzzy this morning, but I have a first draft of quite a bit there! I have an active ‘cabin’ so that helps. I also have a good support base in a group on Facebook ‘fantasy writers’. I did two word sprints last night. One at 8pm with my cabin, and another at 10pm with my fantasy group. I got over 1000 words on those two half hour sprints alone!  

Was my writing perfect? No!!!! I can’t tell you how many red and green lines I saw when I finished typing. But guess what? That’s what the edit process is for. My ideas are down on paper instead of rattling around in my silly little head. My mantra for this month: Go go go, write write write!