Ashra and Blithe small

This is a small excerpt from my novel The Sound of the Stones. Illustration done by me. I am in the process of seeking publication and waiting on a query answer. Thank you for looking!

Dust and rock fragments rained down from the mine wall finding homes on Ashra’s clothing, skin and hair. The powder stood out in stark contrast to her olive skin. The finer powder gave a silver sheen to her long dark mane pulled haphazardly into a knot at the base of her neck. Wisps of hair flared around her small angular face lending to the affect of fierceness, flashing in her dark almond shaped eyes.

“There’s a nice pocket in here.” Ashra informed Blithe. She held her breath and braced for his snarky remark.

“I know.” Blithe snapped. His lip curled ridiculously and the words rolled off his tongue like bitterroot. He narrowed his gray eyes and lifted his too long nose the better to look down on her.

He knew the crystals were in there. He was a Krad, Crystal Sensitive and she was just human. She worked in the crystal mines digging out the Krad Glasne’s means of control. They were the mighty Krad. She was just a lackey, a cog in the mechanism. Such was the air he held himself with.

Ashra lifted her chin and sniffed, a small spray of freckles accentuated by the scrunching of her nose. Blithe lifted one brow. A smirk pulled at the corner of his thin lips. He wordlessly dared her to lose control. She cleared her throat and turned her attention back to the wall, resisting his provocation.